Bruce Renner

Bruce Renner

From Johns Creek, Georgia


Artist Statement

I have always loved to capture the beauty of God’s creation on film. I started my photographic adventures when I was in college. There was nothing known as digital back then so you had to really work with the camera settings to get the best shot but you never knew what the best shot until you processed the film. My first real camera was a gift from my grandfather; a Twin-Lens Yashica 120 film camera.

I love to view God’s creations and the things we, His creation, have created. Often, an ordinary thing has beauty which is non-apparent at first glance. I love to capture that beauty in my photography. My desire is to bring a first look to those who do not have the chance to see it for themselves, and invite others to take a deeper look for the non-apparent beauty in all things.

Bruce Renner


I grew up in Florida attending high school, junior college and college there. I was going to be an airline pilot but timing is everything. I was getting ready to graduate in 1971 about the time the Viet Nam war ended and there was a flood of pilots looking for jobs. My flying days ended other than “on” commercial airlines. My 30+ years of working for AT&T (and a few other companies along the way) afforded me the chance to travel. I took pictures everywhere. Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, France, Monoco, Monte Carlo, and all parts of the United States. My most recent trip was one I had longed to take for many, many years: Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. I have now experienced and photographed Main Street America.

Along the way, I’ve won a photo contest or two, photographed events for a few people, and sold a scattering of pictures to people who saw them and asked to buy them. I am looking forward to the next great adventure of sharing my photography with the public.